ReesaBird Studios, owner-Theresa Johnson

Theresa earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from
 Montana State University School of Art and has worked as a contract artist for over 20 years. Theresa offers a wide variety of art and illustration services including traditional oil portraits, digital children's book illustration and publishing, character and concept art, storyboarding, book cover art and design, editorial illustration and more.
Theresa Johnson is the illustrator of the Rojo The Llama Children's Books: Rojo, The Perfectly Imperfect Llama and Rojo, Where Is My Hair. Theresa has also illustrated children's book The Kite That Touched The Sky and the non-fiction book Montana Memoirs.   
When Theresa is not working on client projects she enjoys working on personal art projects in both digital and traditional mediums. Theresa also enjoys watching film and television as well as traveling with her husband and children.

Some of Theresa's clients include:
Kumquat Kids Productions LLC | The Joyful Llama LLC | Lucky Cat Games LLC | Dick Hannah Honda Dealership | CMD Agency
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